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Saxophone Piano Clarinet Teacher Mark Kingsley PO9

As a veteran of more than 25 years performing in professional wind bands, big bands and saxophone quartets around the world, I have amassed a wealth of experience in all genres and styles, as well as being awarded a Licentiateship with the London College of Music.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player with several years’ experience behind you, you will find a warm and welcoming teaching environment designed to build confidence and technique through encouragement, patience and positive feedback. Lessons are relaxed and informal, light-hearted and fun, but never lacking in diligence and attention to detail.

Sax Piano Clarinet Lessons Hampshire Chichester

I specialise in one-to-one lessons for adults of all ages and abilities and I take great pride in my teaching and in taking the time to get to know each of my students on a personal level (click on the ‘Teaching’ tab above to see my teaching philosophy). I cannot abide ‘conveyor-belt lessons’ where students are hurried out the door as the next one arrives and then left to get on with it till their next lesson. I allow plenty of time in each lesson for you to relax and feel comfortable, knowing you are the sole focus of my attention and are getting genuine value from your lessons. I am very happy to give you the time you need and regularly exceed an hour, often going as long as an hour and a half; if we’re doing well and having fun, or if you need some extra time to really grasp a subject, that’s all part of the service, and it won’t cost you a penny more because with me, you pay for the lesson regardless of its length, not for an inflexible allotment of minutes before having to unceremoniously make way for the next arrival!

Lessons are tailored to you, to your needs, to your level, to your aspirations, and always at your pace. This ensures continuity from lesson to lesson and a clear path to progress. And if you get stuck or need some help before your next lesson? Well then get in touch, I’d be delighted to hear from you. All my students are encouraged to get in touch whenever they need help or advice, or if they just need me to go over something again that we may have looked at in a lesson. If you choose me to be your teacher, then I am your teacher whenever you need me, not just in the lesson, and I am more than happy to be available by text, email or phone.

You will have access to a vast library of music in all styles and genres for each instrument, a huge number of which are supported by the highest quality professionally recorded backing tracks. For saxophones I am well equipped to cater for E flat and B flat instruments, so all saxes are welcome. In addition, I have an extensive range of duets of varying standards and styles. While many of these are in the usual format of two similar instruments, I also have duets that combine different instruments, such as clarinet and sax, as well as combinations of alto and tenor saxophones, along with a fine selection of arrangements for saxophone quartet.

Music Teacher Mark Kingsley

To complement and support your progress I have a full range of ABRSM performance, theory and aural training materials for each instrument at every grade level. These materials are extremely useful and highly effective in measuring progress and building confidence and may be used alongside the many other resources I offer.

Sax Lessons Mark Kingsley Emsworth

Of course, essential tools such as a high-quality metronome and a range of tuning machines to help stabilise and control your tone are always available, along with advice on the very best and most productive apps that are now available (and which ones to avoid!). A range of exciting technologies from digitised music libraries to music notation software is ready and available to explore and try, and a full suite of sound processing and studio recording facilities are available.

Scheduling lessons is straightforward and flexible. If you have paid for a block of ten lessons, then you are free to take those lessons as and when it suits you. Most students prefer to come on a weekly or fortnightly basis, but if you can’t make it one week, or if you’re away on holiday or you have a variable work schedule that’s fine. They are your lessons, you’re entitled to take them when you wish, and if a different day or time is better for you one week then that’s fine too. You are not locked into a rigid schedule and you can take as long as you like to take your lessons, they will never ‘expire’.

Your first lesson is a free, relaxed, no-obligation consultation to find the right place to start from, and the right way for you to progress toward realising your musical aspirations. So get in touch, it won’t cost you a penny, you will leave with good advice from the outset and you can see for yourself whether I am likely to fit your needs without any further commitment whatsoever.

Based in the village of Bedhampton, just outside Havant, I regularly teach students from all over the Hampshire and West Sussex regions, from Winchester to Chichester, Waterlooville and Emsworth, Portsmouth and Hayling Island, all the way up to Petersfield and London.

So call or email, if I can't answer straight away, just leave a message and I will call you back, you have nothing to lose and a whole world of musical pleasure to gain!

Mob/Text: 07941 001755


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