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"In November 2016 I decided after a gap of 42 years to start playing the clarinet again.  I purchased an inexpensive instrument and sought out a teacher to get me going again.  Mark was that teacher and I have been a pupil ever since.  He has inspired me and given me confidence in my ability that I have never really had as a young person.  His knowledge and understanding of music and its interpretation is excellent and I would recommend him highly to anyone, young or old who wants to play an instrument and to enjoy playing music."

Rob - December 2018

All testimonials are voluntarily submitted and appear here exactly as written by the student.  No incentive is offered and no guidance is given.  All testimonials are genuine and entirely verifiable.

"Over the last 9 months Mark has taken me from being a complete beginner on the saxophone, to being able to play a variety of different pieces and have a go at improvisation.  His lessons are always relaxed, and it is obvious that he has planned them in advance, and makes the most of the time we have.  If something is going particularly well or we need to finish something, he is always willing to give extra time.  He is very understanding when other commitments mean that I have not done as much practice as I would have liked!  He has a great knowledge of music, both in terms of musical theory and different types of music, and can always find a piece to suit the element we are learning about, or simply to inspire me.  I have really enjoyed both the lessons and playing at home, it's a chance to relax, unwind, do something creative as well as learn a new skill.  I only wish I had more time to do it!"

Robyn - October 2018

"I highly recommend Mark's piano tuition.  In my fifties as a beginner I decided to learn to play for my own pleasure, I was not interested in taking 'grades'.  With Mark's guidance, I was quickly able to master the short pieces I set out to do.  Then, at his recommendation, I moved on to a more complex variety of works and was completely surprised by the speed of progress I made.  Mark has provided a wealth of material to choose from as well as accepting my own choices of pieces to learn across a wide range of genres.  He prepares for the lessons and has a wealth of experience to pass on, in the form of tips and techniques to use.  The lessons are always fun and interesting and, even if a busy life often gets in the way of regular practice, in the last 18 months I am really pleased with the progress he has enabled me to make."

Chris - August 2018

"Over the last three months, Mark has started to help me fulfil my childhood dream of learning to play the clarinet.  I worked in the musical world for many years, and from my own experience I can say that the quality and generosity of Mark's teaching is exceptional."

Barbara - April 2018

"Mark has been a constant source of inspiration as well as information over the last 6 months that I have been attending lessons.  He takes time and trouble to prepare for lessons which are always bespoke to my needs.  He thinks carefully and gives me whatever I need in terms of time and guidance.  I feel very lucky to have found such an excellent mentor whose knowledge and experience will continue to benefit me for a long time.  I would highly recommend him."

Kati - Radio 4 presenter,

tenor saxophonist with Soulfunks,

tenor saxophonist with Los Domingos,

tenor saxophonist with the Morley Big Band,

March 2018

"I am retired, with a lifelong love of many types of music, but have had no training until now in playing an instrument or reading music.  Mark is an excellent teacher, and has an extensive knowledge of the world’s music, with an unfailing instinct about the difficulties a student has in both learning an instrument (piano in my case) and learning to read music.  His approach is to combine the necessary discipline of learning with the thoughtful discovery of the nature of the music being learnt, and therefore a greater appreciation of all music."

Sean - March 2018

"Mark motivates and inspires me to believe in myself and my ability to make progress.  He provides an extensive range of resources and has also tailor-made materials to meet my needs.  He is a committed and effective teacher."

Ron - March 2018

"I started learning to play the saxophone after I retired and found Mark’s information listed on the Music Teachers website.  He invited me to ‘audition’ him as a teacher, which made me like him instantly and feel at ease!  Mark is an inspiring teacher and I couldn’t have imagined being able to progress so quickly and with so much enjoyment.  He has the ability to explain difficult situations with a clarity that makes them easier to understand and put into practice.  He has great patience and offers not only constructive criticism but also huge encouragement and praise.  Mark plays several instruments and obviously has great musical ability and a wealth of experience.  In addition to that, he is such a very nice person who is humorous and makes lessons feel relaxed and informal.  These things combine to make learning to play an instrument the pleasurable experience it deserves to be.  I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a music teacher.  They will receive excellent and thorough tuition and make a new friend.  I really look forward to my lesson every week and drive home afterwards filled anew with enthusiasm and a feeling of happiness.  I am amazed and grateful for how much I have learnt so quickly and how great it is to be able to read music and play my sax!"

Liz - September 2017

"I have been learning to play the saxophone with Mark for just over a year now and thoroughly enjoy my lessons with him.  Mark is a kind and encouraging teacher, who obviously cares a lot about each and every one of his students.  His style of teaching is relaxed and informal, yet he is very diligent when it comes to improving your sax playing and musical knowledge, and remains very patient...even when you need something explained five times!!  He has a flexible approach when it comes to scheduling weekly lessons, which I have found very helpful over the past year as my commitments are often changing.  Mark provides a helping hand both during the lesson time and out of hours – if you forget or need advice about something during personal practice sessions, he is always available for a phone call or quick text.  Overall I have found my saxophone lessons with him to be a fulfilling and interesting experience, and it is very rewarding to see my saxophone playing develop and improve week by week – I also believe it helps to keep my mind more active and motivated in general.  I always look forward to my weekly lessons with Mark and will always leave with a smile on my face, even if I have had a rubbish week."

Jenny - September 2017

"Many thanks to Mark Kingsley a one in a million sax teacher."


Linda - saxophonist with The Ska Dogs,

August 2017

"18 months ago I decided I would like to learn to play the Saxophone, I found Mark on the Music Teacher’s website.  Mark is an excellent teacher, he is a very calm, considerate and clever teacher.  He has a vast knowledge of Music, playing several different instruments and many different styles of music.  I am now a confident and enthusiastic player of the Saxophone, all down to Mark’s teaching.  Mark’s lessons are interesting and inspiring, based on what I would like to learn and great fun.  I also have occasional, piano lessons with Mark, I have been playing the piano for a few years and have enjoyed improving my skills on the piano with Mark.  Mark has a wealth of Music theory knowledge and I have learnt a great deal on the theory side, which has enhanced my skills and knowledge in music.  What a great 18 months I have had, learning the Saxophone with Mark.  I look forward to many more music lessons."

Jo - August 2017

"As a late starter and someone who is not blessed with any great musical ability, I have especially struggled with rhythm and timing in learning to play the saxophone.  However, I have now been taking lessons with Mark for about 6 months and in that time the improvement in my playing ability has surpassed my expectations.  Mark's teaching style is very much hands-on with an ability to tailor lessons to your interest and skill level, making for an enjoyable and comprehensive session every time.  He has a great strength in conveying what often can appear quite complex in a way that is meaningful and easily understood.  Mark is extremely patient in his teaching and is generous with his time.  He gives constructive criticism, but always gives you encouragement and support to improve.  It is often said, that practice makes perfect, but having a reliable, professional and sympathetic teacher to guide and encourage you along your musical journey makes it that much easier and enjoyable.  I would, therefore, highly recommend Mark as a teacher to anyone seeking to learn or improve their ability to play, whether you are a beginner like myself or a more advanced musician."

David - July 2015

Mob/Text: 07941 001755


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